Band started by UWS graduate gets airplay on Radio 1

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Lanarkshire metal band Sixth Wonder, started by University of the West of Scotland (UWS) graduate Rebekah Kirk, has enjoyed Radio 1 airplay for their new single “Saboteur”.

Created in 2021, the band started as lead singer Rebekah’s project whilst studying commercial music at UWS and with help from guitarist Nathan, Sixth Wonder was born.

Rebekah, who graduated from the BA (Hons) Commercial Music degree in 2022, told Lanarkshire Live: “I was in shock, because being on Radio 1 is something you aspire to but it always feels unrealistic, so it was very exciting. I remembered being a teenager and listening to new music on Radio 1, and now we’re on there!” Read the full interview at Lanarkshire Online.

Rebekah Kirk, BA (Hons) Commercial Music 2022

Sixth Wonder are a djent progressive metalcore band, creating a blend of pop style vocal lines and catchy choruses with dark, djent guitar, Sixth Wonder have created a unique style, set to captivate their listener from the first second.

Find out more about Sixth Wonder here:

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