Graduate and Amundsen Trophy Recipient Visits Paisley Campus

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It’s over 40 years since alumnus George Glasgow received the Amundsen Trophy whilst studying at the University, but having returned to the UK recently from the US, George pencilled in a visit to UWS Paisley Campus to get that photograph he didn’t have.

George explained: “Towards the end of 1979 I was awarded the Amundsen Trophy jointly with another student, but the one thing that I don’t have is a photo of the trophy so I enquired as to whether the University still has it.”

Only too happy to oblige, Nicola Smith, Director of Fundraising and Alumni invited George and (former Bell College student) wife Lynne to visit the Paisley campus and have a photograph taken with the trophy that is still awarded annually for personal endeavour and achievement.

Alumni George and Lynne Glasgow
Amundsen Trophy

Reflecting on his time studying in Paisley, George said: “When I started at Paisley College of Technology in 1975, the engineering buildings and the library were all pretty new buildings. All were well-equipped and comfortable, and it was certainly easy to get around.

I recall a café on the 1st floor and a TV studio on, I think, the 2nd floor. A few of the engineering students, including myself, helped to produce a weekly student information program that was broadcast over monitors located in the café.

There were a few interesting characters in the staff. I especially remember John Evans who lectured on Electrical Engineering in our first year and in Communications in our 4th year. One of the first things I remember him saying in autumn 1975 in a banked lecture theatre with 100+ engineering students of various disciplines was: ‘I’m not here to teach you a thing. I’m here to interest you. If I succeed, you’ll teach yourself and I’ll see you next year. If I don’t, I may not see you next year.’ That has stuck with me throughout the years, and I think it resonates with my belief that we need to be curious, and teaching ourselves is exactly that, curiosity.

One of the big advantages of the BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree at Paisley was that it was a sandwich course with 6 months in industry in our 2nd and 3rd years. I was lucky to get placed at Burroughs Computers in Cumbernauld in 1977 and with Icthus Instruments in Gateshead in 1978. The contrast between the two was stark, with Burroughs being a massive US company and Icthus being a small 6-person company. I had great fun at both and learned a huge amount about the true practicalities involved in working in the big bad world.”

George went on to move to the US and took up a role in 1998 with Nokia Siemens Networks as a System Architect in Florida for 12 years, before moving to ATOS for 5 years and finally Florida Department of Transportation where he retired from, in April 2020.

Now back in the UK George and wife Lynne are both enjoying retirement and being closer to family.

If you would like to visit or organise a class reunion please get in touch with Alumni Engagement Manager Ewan O’Brien at

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