UWS midwifery graduate launches book on hypnobirthing

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University of the West of Scotland midwifery graduate Lynsey McGillivray who runs her own company, Born This Way Hypnobirthing, has launched a book highlighting the effectiveness of the technique.

Lynsey who graduated from the BSc Midwifery programme at University of the West of Scotland in 2011, said: “It’s been 10 years since I graduated and became a midwife. Wow! How time flies. I loved my university experience and met some of the best friends I’ve ever known.

“My life work-wise took a different path and my Hypnobirthing business began. I look back now and can’t imagine ever doing anything else.”

Speaking in the East Kilbride News, Lynsey explained: “A lot of people think hypnobirthing is about a pain-free, drug-free birth – but it’s for all births, in a way where you’d be calm, in control and aware of twists and turns that may come along.

 “Hypnobirthing is an amazing way to prepare for the birth of your baby, taking you from scared and unprepared to feeling confident and ready to meet your baby.”

Lynsey who trained at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, also teaches a course on Hypnobirthing and explained: “Hypnobirthing teaches you all about the anatomy and physiology of birth and what impacts your body working efficiently.

Lynsey McGillivray

“I teach you how to navigate the maternity system and become aware of all your options and choices to help you make the right decisions for you and your baby. It involves learning tools and techniques to help keep you relaxed and calm during labour and this helps the mind stay distracted, which, in turn, leads the muscles in the body to work exactly as they are designed to.

“If you were out doing a run and getting chased by someone, fight or flight kicks in. The blood goes to your arms and legs and heart and lungs to help you get out of that dangerous situation.

 “The exact same thing happens in labour. If you are scared or frightened, the blood moves away from the uterus. The uterus is not getting oxygen or blood supply, and that makes labour painful, uncomfortable and long. It’s therapeutic hypnosis – not mind control.”

Lynsey has shifted, like a lot of organisations, to doing sessions over Zoom and generously makes a donation to the neonatal charity of her clients’ choosing with every course she teaches.

For more information about the new birthing manual and the new Born This Way Hypnobirthing programme, visit www.bornthiswayhypnobirthing.com/

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