UWS MA music graduate launches recording business venture

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Recent MA Music graduate, Ross Sloan, has started up an exciting new business venture, Songplistic, with the aim of making the music industry more accessible to everyone and offer an alternative way to get music professionally produced given the restrictions on studio access due to COVID 19.

Ross explains: “The model of the business is to teach people how to record their own music at home, they send it to us and then we professionally produce it for a much lower cost than professional studios for the same quality.

“The aim is to make the music industry more accessible to everyone; however, we are also aiming at those who are looking for a cost effective alternative to professional studios to get their music professionally produced, if they already have music they have recorded themselves that needs production done. We also do the same thing for podcasts, teaching people how to record their own podcasts and then edit it for them.”

The service is geared to all skill levels of musicians who have intermediate to no understanding of how to record audio, those in the music industry, as well as those who just do music on the side for enjoyment.

Visit www.songplistic.com to find out more about this new project, they are also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under Songplistic. If you would like to know more email info@songplistic.com

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