UWS graduate’s Tik Tok success and mission to ‘make a difference to other people’s lives’

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A University of the West of Scotland graduate, who now runs his own fitness venture after shedding an incredible 12 stone, is gathering a huge following on Tik Tok with his no nonsense views on fad diets and straight talking on how to lose weight safely.

Zahid Javed, who graduated from the BA Law degree in 2013, told the Daily Record about his own weight loss journey over the last 10 years when, weighing almost 25 stone, he made a drastic change to his diet and fitness routine and now uses his own experiences to help clients. He now has around 120,000 followers on instagram.

“I’ve made all the mistakes. I believed the fad diets, I took diet pills, and ultimately none of it worked because it’s a long process.

“I’m all about making sure that people still enjoy their social life and eat the foods that they like while still getting the results. They don’t have to take diet pills, shakes, powders or any of these other fads out there.”

Talking about his career aspirations Zahid said: “I always thought I would graduate from uni with a law degree, become a lawyer and work a 9-5 job and that was it. I never thought I’d be helping people lose weight.”

“If you had told me at the start of my journey that 10 in years I’d be approaching 7 years in the fitness industry, gave up pursuing a career in law, helped countless others lose weight & transform their lives….I would’ve laughed

 “I gave up a decent paid job to go into the unknown. I just knew I had to work hard. And little by little, day by day this weight loss thing grew into something that has helped hundreds of others lose weight and change lives.”

Like many during lockdown, Zahid continued to help his clients but moved to online methods, growing his followers on social media and in particular Tik Tok, which grew to around 120,000 followers.

“Because of my following on TikTok, I’ve been approached by several companies asking me to promote their products but I’ve said no because I didn’t take it to lose the weight so why would I sell myself out like that?

“There’s also all these apps now where you can manipulate your image by making your waist look smaller and things like that. People are seeing pictures like this on social media and having completely unrealistic expectations.

“Women in particular are comparing their bodies to these fake pictures that aren’t real which has a major impact on their self esteem and mental health.”

So what are some of Zahid’s top tips?: “People who want to make a change can get started by doing something small – it doesn’t need to be anything major.

“It can be a 10 or 15 minute walk to begin with and build it up from there. If you regularly eat a sharing size chocolate bar, swap it for a standard one instead.

“If you eat good, wholesome food 80% of the time and then food you enjoy in moderation during the other 20%, you’ll still see a difference.

 “The most rewarding thing about a being a coach is educating a client to the level where they’ll never need another programme again.”

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