Murder by the Bottle: graduate’s debut novel

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Debut author and Media; Theory and Production graduate (2002) Ed Whitfield tells us about his novel Murder by the Bottle, set in Cornwall.

It’s been a long time since I was studying Media in Ayr. In fact it was so long ago, the word “media” wasn’t in common usage. But during my days in the town I thought of a career in the lettered arts having experimented with radio plays, screenplays and short film scripts during my degree.

During my postgraduate year in London, I got a job in a wine shop, where Murder by the Bottle was conceived.

A wine shop is a delicious backdrop. It’s a lightning rod for clumsy affectation and outré characters. Having worked in that curious environment, with too many oddball anecdotes to fit into any one tome, I’d have been negligent not to bank the experience.

As Murder by the Bottle took shape I’d often find myself walking past the wine shop that inspired it – watching a fresh face, stood behind the counter, lost in thought. I knew that vacant look; a look that said they had 8 hours of a 12-hour day remaining.

When business was slow we’d often whip out a book – quickly stashed behind the counter when a punter sauntered in. It would be great to think that maybe, one day soon, a dreamer, working behind the same counter, might reach for a copy of my book. It’s what Elton John almost called the Circle of Wine.

Do buy my book, fellow alumni. In return, I pledge to buy yours. Thank you.
Ed Whitfield

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