GlobalScots: Past, Present and Futureproofing – Kenny Murdoch

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As COP26 in Glasgow comes to a close, Kenny Murdoch, alumnus and CFO of Acteon, which focuses on the energy sector and leading on energy transition, talks to GlobalScot in their latest podcast.

The Energy Transition is not something for tomorrow. It is something for today.

Kenny Murdoch

Kenny reflects on the start of his career and learning at Paisley College of Technology – now University of the West of Scotland, which appointed him as a Governor earlier in 2021.

Kenny offers an abundance of practical observations including how business can embrace the opportunities of energy and also wider opportunities for businesses wishing to optimise their experiences of internationalisation. 

GlobalScot’s podcast theme Past, Present and Futureproofing, puts the spotlight on some of the industry leading GlobalScots across a range of sectors. It’s a chance to reflect on personal experiences in business and how the industry has changed and continues to change now. It’s also a chance for today’s businesses to understand how they can apply expert insights from across our network, to identify distinctive opportunities for their own businesses today.

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