UWS alumnus brings the Town of Paisley from 1900 back to life

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A University of the West of Scotland computer animation graduate has revealed a stunning piece of work showing how his hometown of Paisley would have looked over 100 years ago.

Ian Young, who graduated from the University’s Paisley Campus in 2011, created a flythrough of what Paisley’s Town Centre would have looked like in 1900, from months of research using pictures of buildings that no longer exist and bringing them back to life through computer modelling.

Ian said: “I am delighted at the final result and believe this is the first time there has been anything like this.

“My interest is in architecture and bringing back to life how places would have looked in generations past.

“In terms of computer modelling, this is a huge project and I have never actually seen a historical model like it anywhere.”

“It is very important to me to be as historically accurate as possible.

“Each building had to be properly surfaced within computer programmes either with bricks or concrete and streets had to be cobbled.

“Surfacing really is a computer art form and takes a long time. And scale has to be accurate too – I have seen people create one building that is an inch high and the one next to it is 300 metres.”

The flythrough starts off at the Terrace Tavern on Christie Terrace and on to the Paisley Jail, both of which no longer exist, before arriving in County Square giving the viewer a trip back in time to the 1900s in the Town of Paisley.

Ian added: “Somebody said it’s as if we had a helicopter drone flying through the streets in a different age.

“There is one side of County Square that beat me as there is no records I could find showing what was there. It appears it was a hotel called the Rose and Thistle and if anybody can help fill in the gap, that would be magnificent.

“I just had to put in a random building to fill the space as I could not find any pictures of the hotel.”

Following the success of this project, Ian is in talks with Renfrewshire Council to produce a full 360 model of County square, which will eventually be fully animated with trams, people walking, horses and carriages.

Ian also recreated Paisley’s Glen Cinema allowing viewers to see what it once looked like inside. The Glen Cinema was the scene of one of Scotland’s worst human tragedies in 1929 when a smoking film canister resulted in a panic and crush killing 69 children and injuring 40; the final death toll was 71.

If you would like to commission Ian for a project email him at ianay72@gmail.com

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    Fabulous to see this home grown talent work on something so richly sought after.

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