Business Graduate Publishes Book That Lifts The Lid On Leadership

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UWS Business and Management graduate Louise Lavaroni has been inspired to write a book ‘Learning from Leaders’ that lifts the lid on leadership, with the proceeds going to charity.

Paisley born Louise Lavaroni (nee Gilmour) used her varied connections and experiences to write a book with interviews with well-respected CEOs to explore their views on what it takes to be a successful leader. Completing and publishing the book in only a few months, Louise wanted to assist the next generation of leaders and give back to the community in Paisley, so far raising over £500 for charity Kibble who support at risk children and young people.

Louise explained: “Over the years, I have coached and mentored and more and more via LinkedIn, which is a fantastic platform for networking and connecting people. I found that the more I progressed in my career, the more students and young professionals would search for senior executives and get in touch to ask for my thoughts or views on topics including leadership, which is a particular passion of mine. I was encouraged by these young leaders and realised it wasn’t just me that was left longing for real insights and stories from leaders.”

“I saw the book as an opportunity for me to give back, to plug this gap and help to develop the next generation of leaders but to do it in a scalable way. I wanted to tell the story once and share it wide via the book.” Added Louise, who graduated with Distinction from the Paisley Campus in 2001 with a BA Business and Management degree.

“At the time of writing the book, there were a number of international leaders/ex colleagues/friends around me who were all doing great things. Each of them true leaders in their own right but all with very different stories to share. I wanted to give them and their businesses a platform too and so I started reaching out to them to see if they would be interested in being part of my book. I compiled a shortlist and then interviewed each of them. We finessed backwards and forward via emails and calls and when each leader was happy that their profile was finalised, I would lock it down with their agreement to publish.”

Knowing that it would be an expensive process to publish the book in the traditional manner, Louise did some research and chose the free service Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and with the help of a graphic designer friend, released firstly online as an ebook and then paperback in October 2019.

‘Learning from Leaders’ can be purchased for £3.99 from Amazon or visit Louise’s website to find out more at

So what next for Louise, who is now living in Germany as a Senior Program Manager at Amazon Fashion? “I have actually started collecting ideas for my next book which will be on one of my other passions which is food. It makes me hungry at the thought.”

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