Graduate is NHS’s only male midwife in the West of Scotland

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UWS Midwifery graduate Kenny Gibson was featured recently in the Evening Times talking about his career and life on the ward as the only male midwife in the West of Scotland.

Kenny, who is based at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley alongside his wife Arlene, also a midwifery graduate from UWS, is one of only a handful of male midwives working in the NHS in Scotland.

When I started there were 49,000 midwives in the UK and 109 were men. There were six registered in Scotland when I qualified. It is very much a female world.”

Kenny graduated in 2009 from UWS Paisley Campus re-training following various jobs. Kenny says: “I had been managing a pub and then it went out of business and I thought I need to re-train.”

“Medicine would have taken too long but I wanted to be established in a career by the time I was 30. My best mate’s mother is quite a senior midwife. She was a community midwife so I just thought you went about visiting folk. I didn’t realise you actually delivered babies!”
“It wasn’t until I researched it I realised what is involved. I had been in the Red Cross so I knew about nursing and the sight of blood didn’t bother me so I thought, I’ll give it a go.”

Kenny says one of the most important things about being a good midwife is to stay calm, “With me, it’s more like you are a guide, and you are just bringing the women along. As long as they trust you, they have to know they can get through the pain. You have to be confident.”

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