Former nursing student weighs in with new invention

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A former nurse, who studied nursing at Bell College (now UWS Lanarkshire Campus), has been making the news due to her invention of a revolutionary weighing scale to help hospital patients get life-saving drugs quicker.

Gillian Taylor, who completed her degree in Nursing Studies in the late 1990s, said: “While working as a nurse, I found it frustrating when trying to get a weight for immobile patients.

The only way to weigh an immobile patient was to use a hoist scale or a bed scale, but both were time consuming and cumbersome. I decided there must be an easier way to weigh these patients.

“Then later, while working in stroke services, it became clear getting an accurate weight quickly can help save a life. By using the PTS when the patient is admitted to hospital, there is a weight reading that can be used to accurately administer medication as soon as possible, particularly important if the patient’s condition is life-threatening.”

Gillian had the idea of weighing a patient as they are transferred from a trolley to a bed. With help from NHS Lanarkshire, Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL) and weighing scale manufacturer Marsden, Gillian was able to develop the product and bring it to market.

Patient Transfer Scale

Raymond Hamill, senior research and development manager NHS Lanarkshire said: “We believe the Patient Transfer Scale will have huge benefits for patient outcomes. Hopefully this will inspire other NHS staff to identify opportunities and make them aware that support is available to make them a reality.”

Hospitals and healthcare providers from around the globe, including Australia, Germany, the United States of America and New Zealand, are already showing an interest in the PTS.

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