Java champion and alumnus visits Paisley Campus

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The School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences welcomed Computing Science graduate Alan Williamson back to Paisley Campus on Wednesday 5 December 2018 to meet students and staff and see some of the research work the school is involved in.

Alan, who graduated from the Paisley Campus in 1994, has published a number of books in the Java space covering Enterprise Java, Servlets, JavaMail and database access. He also served in the role of Editor-in-Chief for Java Developers Journal, one of the largest magazines in the space with a 200k monthly circulation.

With a deep background in high-volume server processing, Alan was the first UK Java Champion, a program by Oracle/Sun to recognize the Top 100 people who have contributed the most to Java.

Now based in the USA, Alan is a founding Partner and Chief Technology Officer of MacLaurin Group, a provider of technical and data analytics M&A support for high growth companies. Alan commented:

It truly was a gift to see where UWS is heading and to see once again, the humble beginnings that gave me the jumping board to be going where I am today.

David Ndzi, Interim Dean of the School of CEPS, commented: “It was a pleasure to show Alan some of the research work that our talented students and staff are undertaking in the school. Alan is an exceptional individual that our students can look to as an example of where your studies can take you.”

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