Graduates rekindle their relationship after first meeting in Paisley

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Sheena Mason and John White first met at Paisley College of Technology (now UWS) in 1979 where they were on the same Business Economics Degree Course – Sheena taking the Marketing Option and John the Manpower Studies Option.

Sheena and John briefly dated one another in 1982 for about 6 months but the relationship was not meant to last; at least not then.

Their backgrounds couldn’t have been more different with Sheena being from a private school background living in the big house on the hill and John being from a working class background in Ayr.

30 years past by with little or no contact between them when John contacted Sheena having seen she was writing a blog.

They decided to meet up for lunch in the David Lloyd Club in Renfrew in 2013 – cupid’s arrow struck – and they married at  the age of 56 in Glasgow, in March 2017 – becoming John and Sheena Mason-White.

Sheena and John Mason-White

Many close friends of both Sheena and John from the Paisley College days attended their wedding.

Sheena is now an Interior Designer and John is the Chief Executive Officer of an Aviation Parts Trading company.

Having both been away from Scotland for many years – Sheena and John have decided to move back home and have bought their first house together in Glasgow.

The course at Paisley all those years ago changed their lives forever.

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