Class of 1978 civil engineers celebrate their 40 year reunion

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Almost 40 years to the day the BSc Hons Civil Engineering class of 1978 met again for the first time since graduation in Paisley on 7th July 1978. The full class of six were joined by former staff members Professor Ian MacLeod who was head of civil engineering, and Bob Hardy who was the senior lecturer of the Structures Group to celebrate 40 years since graduating.

The group met for dinner the previous evening before returning to UWS Paisley Campus on Friday 29th June 2018 to recreate their class picture and for a tour of the campus by Ewan O’Brien, Alumni Engagement Manager.

The group: Grant Murdie; Arthur Nicholls; James Young; Graeme Forsyth; Alastair Black; and Douglas Trail, who have all gone on to have successful careers in engineering, had not all been together since finishing their studies over 40 years ago. Special mention is made to Alastair Black who travelled all the way from Australia to attend the class reunion.

Former senior lecturer Bob Hardy (pictured below with Prof Iain MacLeod commented: “I remember this class well as it was the first honours group I taught after joining Paisley College of Technology after working in industry. Meeting them all again after all these years has been a truly memorable experience for me, and one which I shall treasure.”

Alumnus Jim Young said: “It was wonderful to get together at the alma mater and to see the changes that have taken place over the last 40 years. Many great memories came flooding back.”

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